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Vulkan api doom

Vulkan is a low level graphics API similar to … pixels Just for some background information, Doom Eternal uses the new id Tech 7 engine, and the Vulkan API Vulkan gets crazy higher frame rates though Game crashed 2-3 times during the whole … Enable Vulkan API Set Primary GPU Get Latest Version of DirectX Change In-Game Settings Update Your Graphics Card Drivers To ensure you are getting the best performance out of your graphics card, you can download and install latest drivers (based on manufacturer) here: NVIDIA AMD Enable the Vulkan API #Vulkan is the best API if you want to achieve the absolute highest frame rates on PC" (Tweet) vkDOOM3:基于DOOM 3 BFG版的Vulkan DOOM 3端口2DRenderer: 使用Vulkan API作为后端的易于使用的2D渲染  Поддержка Vulkan API в DOOM появится через несколько недель ; Жанр: Action/Arcade ; Разработчик: id Software ; Издатель: ZeniMax Media ; Статус игры: Вышла ; Дата  “Vulkan has empowered us to deliver bleeding-edge performance on our recent DOOM games running idTech I am running a GTX 970 OC'd What do you guys run/use for DOOM? Which is best? 12 17 comments Add a Comment … Obviously, you’ll need to update your GPU drivers in order to use Vulkan on Doom For Nvidia GPUs, you’ll need to download WHQL version 368 ^ Gneiting, Axel [@axelgneiting] (2020-03-21) 2 weeks ago "Fun fact: Doom Eternal does not have a main or render thread Unlike Doom 2016, there’s no option to use openGL, Vulkan is the only API here It's all jobs with one worker thread per core" (Tweet) Retrieved 2018-08-12 – via Twitter 39 (opens in new tab) DOOM and DOOM Eternal showcase how Vulkan may be leveraged to achieve state-of-the-art visuals and gameplay at extremely high frame rates across a wide variety of platforms Retrieved 2021-01-04 – via Twitter Doom runs absolutely wonderfully on my Deck It has maintained a consistent 60fps on the default settings